Why did I use a flyer?

Thank you to everyone who asked me, “Why did you use a flyer?” People in University-Rosedale are environmentally conscious, so lots of mail boxes are labelled “no flyers” or “no junk mail”. Political communications are exempt from “no flyer” restrictions, but some residents consider paper flyers wasteful, and were puzzled (or worse) that an environmental leader like myself would distribute one.

Here is why we made a flyer:

  1. I don’t have any reasonable alternative way to introduce myself to most of the people in the riding:
    • We don’t have most people’s current e-mail addresses.
    • We can’t knock on doors or go main-streeting during Covid.
    • We can’t put up signs until the writ drops (probably next year).
    • Most people don’t want to be interrupted with a phone call.
    • Even if we bought an (expensive) phone list, and even if volunteers offered to spend thousands of hours trying to phone everyone, we wouldn’t reach the many University-Rosedale residents who only have cell phones, not land lines.
  2. Our flyer has a low environmental footprint. Printed paper is not a significant environmental problem in Toronto, with a much tinier impact than many people think, and we chose a careful local printer.
  3. Our flyer contains a lot of useful information in a convenient format, easily stored and easily shared. There is no equivalent with a smaller environmental footprint. Even e-mails have a surprisingly large environmental footprint, and a huge number of them go unread.
  4. We’re campaigning to win, and flyers work. We got a great response to this flyer, including an upsurge in donations and volunteers.

I’m sorry if you got a flyer that you didn’t want. If you have a better idea, please tell us: we’re wide open to suggestions. Thank you.

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