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Support a Level Playing Field for Small Business

Dianne Saxe and the Green Party of Ontario are standing up for a Level Playing Field for Small Business. Show your support by signing, and help us stop the Ford government’s attacks on small business. Thank you to everyone who has signed.

Small businesses are key to Ontario’s economy and to our green future of vibrant, walkable, low carbon neighbourhoods. The Ford government’s pandemic rules are grossly unfair to small businesses, while giving away the store to big companies like Walmart and Amazon.

Small businesses are struggling to survive – there is no time to waste.

A Level Playing Field for Small Business means

  1. No big company can sell non-essential goods, in person, until small businesses can too. (By April, the Ford government finally accepted this).
  2. A clear Small Business Reopening Plan that is based on science.
  3. A strong Digital Mainstreet program, starting immediately, to provide easy local ordering and low-carbon delivery, linking small businesses and their communities.

The measures put in place by the Ford Government to address COVID-19 have often unfairly favoured big box stores and large corporations while having an unfair impact on small and medium size employers (SMEs) across the province. Small businesses employ 70% of Canadians. They are the backbone of our economy and communities.

We recognize the need for, and support, active COVID prevention measures in the interest of public safety. These restrictions must be evidence-based and they must account for the important role that small businesses play in our communities. The evidence does not support the current restrictions on small businesses, and many of these small businesses can operate safely with appropriate public health measures in place.

By allowing big box stores to remain open while forcing small businesses selling the same goods to shut, the Ford Government betrayed its duties to small business owners, their employees and the communities that rely on these businesses. The Ford government created a two-tiered system for business owners and employees which left local Canadian small businesses by the wayside.

Dianne Saxe and the Green Party of Ontario have a plan to protect small businesses, and enhance our communities, and we need your support.

I Support a Level Playing Field for Small Business


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