Please help elect me as a Green MPP

Please, I need your help to get elected as Ontario’s second Green MPP. We need hundreds of volunteers, thousands of new Green Party members and more than $100,000. 


Today is a good day to: 

– join our team of enthusiastic volunteers, from all over Ontario, at,
– join the Green Party of Ontario and ask five other people to do the same (only $10/year), and /or
– make a campaign donation of what you can afford, at  

Would you like more details?


The Ford government’s relentless attacks on nature make us less safe.  Just like Trump, they are using the powers of government and the cover of the pandemic to allow the few to get even richer at the expense of the public, of nature and of public space. 

There is much to be frightened and angry about in Ontario today; many of us struggle with climate despair. Voters can tell that something is wrong, that we are being lied to, that the Ford government is degrading Ontario. When you think about what we are leaving our children, how do you feel?

Do you want to keep feeling like that? I don’t. How do we change it? 

Who we elect REALLY matters

Government rules and infrastructure largely define the choices that individuals can make. Government establishes the peace, order and good government without which businesses and families cannot thrive.

Today, the Ford government is intentionally bulldozing hard won environmental protections and institutions, such as our conservation authorities, that protect nature and public space. Why do they consistently allow powerful developers to put big box stores and cookie-cutter houses on irreplaceable farmland, woodland, and wetland? This enriches their wealthy donors. But once these precious natural areas are gone, turned into subdivisions and big box stores, they will be almost impossible to restore. Ordinary people will suffer the climate and biodiversity consequences for generations, long after Doug Ford and his friends have pocketed their profits and moved on. 

Every credible scientist agrees that the climate and environmental crises are accelerating. As I reported to the Ontario Legislature when I was the (last) independent Environmental Commissioner of Ontario, Ontario could be doing a lot about these crises, and improving the quality of life for most people at the same time. I have studied most of those solutions and made recommendations for how to make them work. Instead, the Ford government is dragging us down a slippery slope towards a painful collision with physics. It’s a frightening prospect.

So I’ve made a big, scary decision.

After 45 years of being meticulously non-partisan, I can no longer stand aside and merely shout at the radio when I learn about yet another environmental collapse or government outrage. Instead, I have taken a big leap and I am running for political office. In fact, I’m the newly-anointed Green Party of Ontario candidate for University- Rosedale for the June 2022 provincial election, and the new deputy leader for the Ontario Green Party.

We can win in University-Rosedale in 2022, if those who care work together and start now. After Mike Schreiner, I am the most winnable candidate that the Green Party has in Ontario. With my unparallelled training and experience, I am the best person to represent this riding, and to find a way forward in difficult times. 

I’m really enjoying working with Mike Schreiner and the warm, welcoming, invigorated Green party team. It’s a great place to share my climate grief and turn it into action.   Action feels way better than anxiety, especially concrete action with friends for a good cause. 

That’s where you come in. As you will see at, we need hundreds of volunteers, thousands of new Green Party members and more than $100,000. You can help by: 

– joining our team of enthusiastic volunteers, 

– joining the Green Party of Ontario and asking five other people to do the same (only $10/year), and 

– making a campaign donation of what you can afford.

Volunteers are essential. Money also has an enormous impact on the success of any political campaign. Once we raise some money, we can start hiring staff, and getting professional about social media and outreach. Neither the media nor most people take a candidate seriously unless they can raise serious money, because this is an easy metric of who can win.

Like me, you are probably deluged by requests for money from every conceivable good cause. Covid has put enormous strain on most charities, many families, and entire sectors of the economy, not to mention how it is ravaging many families, long-term care facilities, and the entire health system. But the climate and environmental crises have not slowed down just because we are in a pandemic. 

So, if you can afford it, please contribute to my campaign today at Because of generous provincial tax credits, a donation of $100 before the end of December will yield a $75 tax credit on your tax return, for a net cost to you of only $25.  Please note that, under Elections Ontario rules, contributions may only be made by individuals normally resident in Ontario, using their own funds.

The annual maximum that you can give to the Green Party of Ontario in 2020 is $1,625.  If you are one of the remarkable people who have already hit that ceiling, you can also give up to $1625 to riding associations. In our case, you would mail a cheque to 506 Clinton St., Toronto, Ontario, M6G 2Z4, made out to University-Rosedale Green Party of Ontario CA.                                                                                              

 I can’t do this without you. Will you help me win University-Rosedale? Thank you!


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