NDP folks switching to the Greens

It’s great to hear from former NDP stalwarts who are now switching to support the Green Party, and me. Here are two:

Folksinger Bob Bossin’s comic shows his switch after a lifetime of NDP support. Note the changing dogs:

Bob Bossin turning Green after a lifetime of NDP support

Per former NDP candidate /activist David Hitchcock:

“I was a New Democratic Party activist for 55 years and a three-time candidate for Member of Parliament. I have switched to the Green Party because I think that the Green Party understands and addresses better than any other Canadian political party the dominant political issue of our time: turning humanity from enemies of the Earth to friends of the Earth.We human beings are only one species among many in a complicated network of interdependent relationships. We do not have the right to pursue our own interests exclusively, ignoring the health of ecosystems and the welfare of other creatures. Further, if we ride roughshod over the rest of the Earth’s ecosystem, nature will bite back at us–as it is already doing (for example) with the harmful effects of our destabilization of the Earth’s climate.”

Thank you both very much indeed!

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