Dr. Dianne Saxe

Green Party of Ontario Candidate for

University Rosedale

Dr. Dianne Saxe

Meet Dianne

Dianne Saxe, Ph.D. in Law, is one of Canada’s most respected environmental lawyers. She ran an environmental law boutique for 25 years, and was the Environmental Commissioner of Ontario from 2015 – 2019, reporting to the Legislature on environment, energy and climate. Dianne now heads SaxeFacts, focussing on the climate crisis. She has substantial board and media experience, is the host of the Green Economy Heroes podcast. Dianne is a Senior Fellow at Massey College, recipient of a Law Society Medal 2020, and a Clean50 honouree. Recently, Dianne was named Deputy leader of the Ontario Green Party

About the Green Party of Ontario

The Green Party of Ontario is independent yet is philosophically aligned with other green parties in Canada and around the world. The GPO is fiscally responsible, socially progressive and environmentally focused. We begin with the basic premise that all life on the planet is interconnected and that humans have a responsibility to protect and preserve the natural world.

our vision

Jobs. People. Planet.

The Green Party of Ontario’s goal is to build on the work people like you are already doing in your community, working to make positive change, overcoming social barriers and improving the health of each other and our planet.

Working together, we can build a future for our province that is good for us now and for generations to come.

our platform

People Powered Change

Get Involved

The Green Party of Ontario is largely powered by volunteers. Volunteering is a great way to meet people, and to turn climate anxiety into action. Volunteers can be part of our team from anywhere in Ontario. With your help, we can make a difference.

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    So much will be better with a Low Carbon Lifestyle

    By working together, we can get there!

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      Support the Campaign

      The Green Party attracts thoughtful, passionate people who care about the future. To win, we also need to fundraise. We plan to raise more than $100,000 to run a high-quality campaign for the next provincial election. Neither the media nor most people take a candidate seriously unless they can raise serious money, because this is an easy metric of who can win.

      The climate and environmental crises have not slowed down just because we are also in a pandemic, which environmental destruction made more likely. If you can afford it, please contribute to my campaign today, using the Donate button.

      Because of generous provincial tax credits, a donation of $100 before the end of December will yield a $75 tax credit on your 2020 tax return, for a net cost to you of only $25. Please note that, under Elections Ontario rules, contributions may only be made by individuals normally resident in Ontario, using their own funds.

      The Donate button sends funds to my campaign via the Green Party of Ontario. The annual maximum that you can give to the Green Party of Ontario in 2020 is $1,625. If you are one of the remarkable people who have already hit that ceiling, (thank you!) you can also give up to $1625 directly to riding associations. To donate to my campaign without having the funds go through the Green Party central office, please mail a cheque to 506 Clinton St., Toronto, Ontario, M6G 2Z4, made out to University-Rosedale Green Party of Ontario CA.Cheques dated and post-dated in 2020 will receive a 2020 tax receipt.

      I can’t do this without you. Will you help me win University-Rosedale? Thank you!

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      What have I done since Covid started?

      Covid has changed most people’s lives. Covid cut me off from family and friends, and brought a crashing halt to my packed calendar of climate talks. So what have I done instead? My updates include: 1. Re-opening my environmental law practice, SaxeFacts Law Professional Corporation; 2. Receiving the Law Society Medal for exemplary leadership in environmental…

      No, Ford doesn’t follow science

      I was not surprised that @fordnation doesn’t #FollowTheScience on Covid. One of his first acts as Premier was to fire Ontario’s Chief Scientist, and he almost never follows the science on climate. As John Ibbitson pointed out in the Globe today, the Conservatives typically distrust scientists and other experts who work to protect public health…

      Why did I use a flyer?

      Thank you to everyone who asked me, “Why did you use a flyer?” People in University-Rosedale are environmentally conscious, so lots of mail boxes are labelled “no flyers” or “no junk mail”. Political communications are exempt from “no flyer” restrictions, but some residents consider paper flyers wasteful, and were puzzled (or worse) that an environmental…

      Our great flyer

      Here is the beautiful flyer that our energetic volunteers have been distributing across University Rosedale. Please share it with your friends. Thank you to Jason Brown and Fred Carter for the great photos and design, and to Tim Grant for masterminding the flyer distribution campaign.

      The politics of carbon pricing

      Today, I was a panelist on Smart Prosperity’s Politics of Carbon Pricing webinar, representing the Green Party. This is what I said: The climate crisis is like a wildfire, where the embers are already sizzling on our roof. The Liberal and NDP policies are like trying to save the house with  a garden hose. A garden…

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